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domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

Every second counts

Let's face it. We are totally over the cosy socks our grandma refuses to stop giving us as a Christmas present.

In addition, uncle John has once more placed its book-shaped gift for us under the Christmas tree. Even though it's wrapped in a colorful christmasy paper wrap, my hunch is that it is definitely not a unicorn this time.

You cover up your face, in order to hide yourself while rolling your eyes, and join your inner forces just to draw the best smile on your face.

Suddenly something grabs your attention. It is hidden inside the mountain of presents. Even I hope it is for you. You deserve something new. Something extraordinary. Something different.
 You peep in between the branches. What if they really made it this year? What if they really for once in your life bought THE present?

Indeed. And it even has your name written all over it.
Try not to look too euphoric in case you hurt grandmas feelings. As you tear apart the rest of the paper wrap you discover what it seems to be a majestic wooden box. It has delicately a beautiful logo carved on  its lid.

As you slide the lid aside, you get the smell of wood. Abruptly, your mind rescues from your memory a gigantic thick forest from the north of Canada. The same one you used to go hiking on Sunday mornings with Dad.

A wooden watch. No way. Everything it is meticulously done out of wood. In particular, you can stand out that the watch itself it is even made out of a different type of reddish wood. Breathtaking. How can a watch -which is used to let you know that time is going forward, that the clock is ticking with no regards- make you travel back in time?

Make it count.

In photographs: Cora series, Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl. Jord wood watches.
Follow their instagram: woodwatches_com

Luxury Wood Watch

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